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Date Announcement
21 May 2018 Appendix 3B – Release of Shares from Escrow
4 May 2018 Restricted Securities to be Released from Escrow
2 May 2018 Appendix 3B
23 April 2018 Appendix 3B – Release of Shares from Escrow
17 April 2018 Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B
16 April 2018 Restricted Securities to be Released from Escrow
5 April 2018 Restricted Securities to be Released from Escrow
5 March 2018 Investor Presentation – March 2018
22 February 2018 Appendix 3B
20 February 2018 ABR Progressing Rapidly to Onsite Pilot Plant Testworks
15 February 2018 Half Yearly Report and Accounts
1 February 2018 Significant Upgrade to JORC Mineral Resource Estimate
24 January 2018 Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B
15 January 2018 ABR Completes Positive Confirmatory Borate Drilling Program
27 December 2017 ABR Completes Scoping Study
27 December 2017 Appendix 3B – Release of Shares from Escrow
20 December 2017 Restricted Securities to be Released from Escrow
12 December 2017 ABR Delivers Maiden JORC Compliant Mineral Resource Estimate
5 December 2017 ABR Continues to Intersect Impressive Borate Mineralisation
1 December 2017 JORC Table 1 Clarification
28 November 2017 Initial Metallurgical Results Show Excellent Recoveries
17 November 2017 Confirmatory Drill Hole Program Delivers Positive Results
16 November 2017 Change of Director’s Interest Notice
8 November 2017 Initial Assay Results Confirm Borate-Lithium Mineralisation
3 November 2017 Results of Annual General Meeting
26 October 2017 Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B
17 October 2017 Presentation – 121 Mining Investment Hong Kong
12 October 2017 ABR Delivers Positive Scoping Study Progress Update
10 October 2017 Section 708A Notice and Appendix 3B
6 October 2017 Former Rio Tinto Borates Geologist Appointed as Advisor
5 October 2017 ABR Initial Drilling – JORC Table 1 Clarification
3 October 2017 Notice of Annual General Meeting
3 October 2017 Initial Drilling Confirms the Presence of Boron and Lithium
21 September 2017 Annual Report 2017
21 September 2017 Appendix 4G and Corporate Governance Statement 2017
1 September 2017 ABR Commences Borate and Lithium Drilling Program
8 August 2017 Confirmatory Drilling Program to Commence
3 August 2017 Becoming a Substantial Holder
31 July 2017 Presentation – Borate Project with Lithium Potential
28 July 2017 ABR Listing on the ASX to Progress the Fort Cady Project
27 July 2017 Initial Director’s Interest Notice x 5
27 July 2017 Pre-Quotation Disclosure

Borate application

Fertiliser micronutrient

Borate application

Borosilicate glass: fibre optics

Borate application


Borate application

Ceramic glazes

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Lithium application

Lithium-ion batteries



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Lodgement of Prospectus with ASIC

The paper form of the electronic version of the Prospectus (including its attached Entitlement and Acceptance Form) accessible through this website has been lodged with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

No offer of securities is made on the basis of the electronic version of the Prospectus accessible through this website. An application for securities can be made by completing the Entitlement and Acceptance Form attached to or accompanied by a paper form of the Prospectus and then lodging the form and the application monies in accordance with the details set out in the Prospectus and the relevant Entitlement and Acceptance Form.

No Advice

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For legal reasons, the electronic version of the Prospectus accessible through this website is available to persons accessing this website from within Australia only. If you are accessing this website from anywhere outside Australia, please do not download the electronic version of the Prospectus.

The Prospectus does not constitute an offer of securities in any jurisdiction where, or to any person to whom, it would not be lawful to issue the Prospectus or make the offer. It is the responsibility of any applicant outside Australia to ensure compliance with all laws of any country relevant to their applications, and any such applicant should consult their professional advisers as to whether any government or other consents are required, or whether any formalities need to be observed to enable them to apply for and be allotted any securities.

It is not practicable for the Company to comply generally with the securities laws of overseas jurisdictions having regard to the number of overseas shareholders, the number and value of securities these shareholders would be offered and the cost of complying with regulatory requirements in each relevant jurisdiction. Accordingly, the offer pursuant to the Prospectus is only being extended and securities will only be issued to shareholders with a registered address in Australia.

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Borate application

Insulation fibreglass

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